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Building a budget in Weyburn

In Weyburn, you get more for your money. Your budget will include room to have and do more living in Weyburn compared to Canada’s largest cities. Get a sense of the cost of living in Weyburn as well as find links to the sources of these facts.


  • Average employment income in 2020 for full-year full-time workers in Weyburn is $71,800. (Source: Statistics Canada’s 2021 Census.

  • Start or further your career in oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, health, education or start your own business.


  • Saskatchewan families pay less for their utilities than those in other provinces.

  • The 2021 annual net overall cost of electricity, heating, vehicle insurance and wireless voice and data for a Saskatchewan family is $5,630.57 (based on two vehicles and two wireless voice and data plans in the household). (Source: Saskatchewan’ Crown Investments Corporation)


  • An annual family pass to the brand-new Credit Union Spark Centre costs $1,415. The Credit Union Spark Centre offers an indoor track, simulator room, mini gym, multi-use synthetic field, children’s play space, art gallery, pottery studio, multi-purpose rooms and an outdoor ice surface. (Source: City of Weyburn)

Renting a home

Owning a home

  • The median sale price for single-detached homes in southeast Saskatchewan was $195,000 in the second quarter of 2021. (Source: The Canadian Real Estate Association)

  • Weyburn's residential municipal property tax (2020) is the second lowest in Saskatchewan. (Source: Weyburn Chamber of Commerce)

  • Three residential neighbourhoods under development in Weyburn.

  • The market for single-detached homes was tightest in the range below $100,000, where demand was strongest relative to supply in the second quarter of 2021. (Source: The Canadian Real Estate Association)

  • Single-detached homes above $325,000 spent the least amount of time on market prior to selling in the second quarter. (Source: The Canadian Real Estate Association

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