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"A lot of these jobs are paying substantial amounts of money, you just have to want to come to work and they'll teach you the ropes.”

- Monica Osborn

Weyburn has numerous full-time jobs that pay well and employers are ready to fill them with people interested in getting ahead in life.


Monica Osborn says these jobs are suitable for those starting out or wanting to grow their experience. Osborn is the executive director of the Weyburn Regional Economic Development office. She is in close contact with employers and has insight into what they are looking for and what employees can expect working in the Weyburn area.

“Weyburn is very diverse. We've got a lot of super strong pillars when it comes to our local economy,” said Osborn.

The economy in the Weyburn area is healthy with the agricultural, resource and manufacturing pillars thriving, which is driving growth in other areas, such as construction, retail and hospitality. Jobs are plentiful.

While a number of the available jobs require training, employers are prepared to invest in new hires to get them up to speed. This includes those hiring for trades.

“Every construction trade -- plumbing, electrical, carpentry -- they're all looking for people,” said Osborn.

“Apprenticeship trades aren't requiring people to do a pre-employment program anymore. If you're willing and able and want to learn, they're willing to take you on as a green employee and train you from there.”

But it isn’t just those starting out as apprentices that are needed. Journeypersons are in high demand too. This demand extends to Weyburn’s resource pillar, which includes jobs in oil and gas, but also lithium, geothermal, carbon sequestration and more.

Weyburn might convince those intrigued by this industry who are looking to learn more about what they can expect as an employee.

First, it is not like working in other parts of Canada where oil and gas or mining workers reside in camps.

“In the Weyburn and southeast Saskatchewan area, all our fields are close enough that you’re home every night with your family,” said Osborn.

Second, safety is a priority. Employees are trained in safety and are expected to conduct themselves safely while working.


And third, these jobs pay well.


“A lot of these jobs are paying substantial amounts of money,” said Osborn.

“You just have to want to come to work and they'll teach you the ropes.”

These sectors are generating economic activity that is trickling down to support the creation of jobs in retail, education and healthcare to serve a growing population.

“As the schools get busier, they need more teachers and aids,” said Osborn.

“Healthcare is always in demand, with opportunities right from doctors to maintenance people.”


Osborn encourages those interested in learning more about living and working in Weyburn to read through the stories and information at

Whether you are single or both partners want to find new employment, Osborn is confident there is an opportunity that will help you get ahead. Accepting a job in Weyburn can mean trying out the city or choosing to settle down for the long term.


To find specific opportunities and more information on living ideally located in Saskatchewan and Canada, Osborn is ready to take your call. The Weyburn Regional Economic Development office is prepared to talk to people looking for work so they can connect them to employers.

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